10 Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Spring

Spring has sprung

The birds have sung

The birds are on the wing

That’s funny…

I thought the wing was on the bird!

What says spring almost as much as fresh flowers and song birds?  Why a spring porch of course!  

Farmhouse and Cottage Porches are Made for Spring Decorating  

If you’re fortunate to have both a front and back porch, you can really have some fun!  In today’s post we will give you some front porch decoration ideas, some back porch decoration ideas, and discuss whether you can use faux flowers on your porch.

The Front Porch:  10 Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Spring

1. Before you begin, sweep away any debris left behind from fall and winter.  

2. Buy yourself a nice new doormat.

Personalize it, or add a few meaningful words or a clever phrase.

Custom HartLand Door Mat

3. Put fresh flowers in planters.

We love pink, lavender, yellow, blue, and white.  Our favorites:  impatiens, snap dragons, and lavender.

4. Add faux flowers to your tables.  

No watering necessary! We like to get ours from Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.

faux flowers

5. Get a cozy porch swing. 

No farmhouse or cottage is complete without one. We have the Sunday Porch Swing from Ballard Design and just love it!

6. Purchase classic farmhouse porch rockers.

Choose white or a soft pretty color for your outdoor rocking chairs.  Hint:  spray paint can work wonders.

classic farmhouse rocking chair

7. Toss on some seasonal outdoor pillows.  

Complement your door color and your outdoor decor.

8. Place topiaries or faux cedar trees by your front door.  

Again, no watering necessary.  We topped ours off with some fine white gravel.

9. Jazz it up with an outdoor rug layered under your doormat.  

Layering an area rug adds color and texture.

10. Include an accent table or garden stool.  

Garden stools can double as extra seating.

garden stool

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The Back Porch:  10 Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Spring

1. Sweep away any debris left behind from fall and winter.

2. Purchase a farmhouse dining table to seat your guests comfortably.  

We painted our Crate and Barrel table with exterior paint and sealed it with a tough clear coat (be sure your porch is covered if you’re using an indoor table).

outdoor farmhouse table

3. Add some inexpensive metal chairs in a pretty color or two.  

These metal chairs are a great way to add some color to your porch.

4. Invest in some super-comfy furniture. 

 Ours is wicker and will last at least 30 years.  This was definitely a splurge, but we want it to last forever.

Lloyd Flanders Wicker Furniture

5. Install an outdoor sectional. 

Where do you think I may be sitting while writing this blog post? This Suzanne Kasler Directoire 3-piece Sectional with Cushions is perfect for afternoon naps if you have the room.

6. Decorate with fresh and faux flowers.  

The mix is easy and appealing.

7. Grab a couple of side tables for drinks while relaxing. 

Side tables look so pretty with a flower-filled pitcher.

sside table with metal chairs

8. Cozy-it-up with an outdoor area rug.  

Outdoor area rugs are especially nice if your porch is screened.

9. Add a table lamp or candles in a hurricane for evening ambience.  

Who doesn’t love candlelight? We love these hurricanes and you can even get them engraved.

10. Don’t forget the outdoor ceiling fans!  

What a difference a ceiling fan makes on a sweltering day!

outdoor ceiling fan

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Let’s Talk Flowers. Can You Use Faux Flowers on Your Porch?

People seem to have strong feelings about faux flowers.  We actually love them, as long as they look real.  And it’s a good thing too…Cheyenne is so allergic to fresh flowers that we would have none ever if we didn’t have faux!  Done well, faux flowers can be really difficult to distinguish from the real thing, even up close.  We love Afloral, Hobby Lobby, and Michael’s. Making beautiful arrangements for spring is not that difficult, and adds charm without a lot of work.  We prefer real flowers in planters but a mix of faux and real flowers on tables.  Let’s face it…who wants to come home from vacation to hundreds of dollars of dead flowers?  Who has the time to water them all anyway?  Stay tuned for a how-to step-by-step tutorial.

faux flowers outdoor

How do you decorate your porch for spring?

Porches are for lemonade sipping, summer napping, gathering with friends and family, tea parties, and intimate dinners.  Make your porch an extension of your home.  Make it beautiful! How do you decorate your porch for spring?

Until next time…

From the HartLand with Love,

Monica, Brittany & Cheyenne

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