Can You Decorate Your Bathroom?

shiplap in powder room

Ever since I pulled my blue and white bedroom together with accessories, a rug, and drapes, I’ve been itching to finish decorating my master bathroom.  How about you?  Do you largely ignore your bathroom or do you decorate?  Read on to discover why you should not skip decorating your bathroom!

Why You Should Decorate Your Bathroom

You spend a good deal of time in your bathroom, so you should make it a place that feels welcoming and comfortable.  As with any other room in your home, it’s easy to get carried away.  If money is no object, by all means, design and decorate to your heart’s content; however, most of us want a luxurious feel without going crazy on the budget.  Bathroom materials and plumbing fixtures can be quite expensive!

How to Decorate a Bathroom

Let’s get started!  In our humble opinion, the simplest way to begin decorating your bathroom is to take inspiration from the surrounding rooms.  We’ll take a look at several examples.

Decorating The Master Bathroom

Ideally, your master bedroom will flow seamlessly into your master bathroom.  We like our wall paint to be the same in both rooms; however, if you prefer something a little different, make sure you choose an accent color from the master bedroom and repeat it in the bathroom.  Yes, your bathroom will look like a bathroom, but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on comfort.  

First Consider Your Hard Surfaces  

What color is your tile?  Countertops? Fixtures?  Your colors should absolutely complement your hard finishes.

Next Consider the Walls

Painted walls are not your only option.  Think beadboard, shiplap, or even wallpaper if you have a very large bathroom with enough ventilation.

  • We avoid wallpaper in small, steamy bathrooms; consider wallpaper for a powder room instead.
  • If you have primarily white or cream colored hard surfaces, you’re in luck.  Your bathroom will be easier to decorate and change up over time without looking dated.
wallpaper in a powder room with a white love sign

Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

Once you have selected your paint colors based on your existing hard surfaces, it may be time to update or refresh your fixtures.

Chrome is classic for bathrooms, and is our go-to for all of our bathrooms.  Does that mean you can’t have black? Brass?  Brushed nickel?  Of course not!  Do what you love.  We are simply giving you ideas to keep it simple.  Choose fixtures that complement the overall style of your home.  If you make a habit of selecting finishes and decor in this manner your whole house will have a wonderful flow.  

Idea:  choose chrome for all of your bathroom fixtures, but choose different chrome fixtures for each bathroom.  That way you have cohesiveness without everything being the same.

Bathroom fixtures on a freestanding tub

Can you Put Furniture in Your Bathroom?

If you have a large bathroom, feel free to add an upholstered chair and a small table next to the tub.  You will appreciate a comfortable place to sit down while pampering yourself during your bathing or beauty routine.  Select a hard-wearing fabric that coordinates with your bedding.

Choosing Bathroom Cabinetry

Choose a freestanding cabinet instead of a built-in linen closet if you have the space.  Freestanding furniture often gives a bathroom have flair, especially in cottages and farmhouses.  Don’t forget to accessorize with pretty folded towels, decorative soaps, an atomizer, small baskets, a vase of flowers, or candles.  

Select Pretty Mirrors for the Vanities

The sky’s the limit here.  Do you prefer a set of vintage mirrors?  Peruse some antique shops.  Want something retro or just classic?  Check out Pottery Barn.  

Don’t Forget the Bathroom Walls

Try botanical prints in distressed frames that coordinate with your color scheme.

Should You Get a Freestanding Tub?

Are you lucky enough to have the space for a freestanding tub?  Large mercury glass candlesticks look elegant in odd numbered groupings around the tub or in a corner.

Choosing a Rug for Your Bathroom

Try a round rug in the center of the bathroom if you have a good-sized open area, or a runner if you have a longer more narrow space. A colorful fluffy rug in front of the tub or sinks feels cozy under foot.

Window Treatments for Your Master Bathroom

Shades in pretty prints or textural woods accent windows and allow for privacy.

Bathroom Storage is a Must

Need more storage space?  Try a metal basket on top of the toilet tank to hold toilet paper, or shelves above with attractive wicker baskets.  A nice basket close to the toilet is fantastic as well.

small bathroom wall cabinet

Don’t Forget the Soap

My friend Jen turned me onto Michel Design Works pump handsoaps.  They come in a variety of yummy scents, colors and prints to jazz up any decor and add a pop of pattern.

Towel Bars can be Useful and Pretty

Towel bars or hooks that match your fixtures are always a classic design choice.

pool house bath towels

Don’t Forget the Pretty Towels  

Fold them neatly and stack in your linen cabinet.  Hang hand towels from hooks or simply fold each side in and then in half and sit on the countertop next to the sink.

Need a New Vanity?  

You can purchase a brand new one from a home store or you can repurpose a piece of furniture and make your own for a custom look.  Try a vessel bowl on top like I did in my dressing room bathroom.

bathroom vanity in pink

Bathroom Lighting is Important and Doesn’t Have to be Boring

Consider hanging lanterns paired with wall sconces, like we did in our master bathroom.  Again, colors and finishes should complement the other finishes you have chosen.  Notice we said complement, not match.  Matchy-matchy is boring and flat.  If you have chrome plumbing fixtures you do not need to have chrome light fixtures too.  

The Hall or Guest Bathroom

A bathroom off of the main hallway can have its own unique look for sure, but should still flow with the surroundings.  The same decorating advice is true here as it is for the master bathroom, but generally on a smaller scale.  Select light fixtures that fit the scale of the room.  Every nook and cranny does not have to be filled.  Give your eye a place to rest by having an empty corner.  Bathrooms are great places to choose colors for your walls, especially if your main living spaces are neutral, cream, white, or off-white.

Designing Your Powder Room

Our favorite.  Powder rooms generally get a lot of use from your guests, so go all-out and make it pretty.  We love wallpaper in a powder room!  We used shiplap as a lower wall treatment, a cap on top, and wallpaper up to the ceiling with a simple flat stock molding to finish everything off.  

  • Choose a fancy or unusual sink.  We opted for Kohler’s Brockway double wall sink and we are in love!  We even painted the bottom the same aqua found in our wallpaper.
  • A pretty covered basket in the corner is a great way to conceal cleaners, extra toilet paper, and paper towels.
  • Hang a handmade cabinet on the wall behind the toilet.  Fill with fresh-smelling soaps and little odds and ends.
  • A beautiful one-of-a-kind mirror will make a statement above the sink.
  • Realistic faux flowers in a cute vase adds the finishing touch on the back of the toilet tank.
  • We love wall sconces flanking the mirror, along with a small chandelier on a chain for visual interest at the ceiling.
  • Tile is usually not necessary in a powder room because the risk for water damage is minimal since there is no tub or shower.  If you have hardwood floors in the adjoining rooms, simply carry those right into the powder room.

We hope you found our bathroom decorating ideas both helpful and inspiring.  As usual, we would love to see what you’ve done. Tag us on Instagram, or Facebook and follow us on Pinterest! Until next time…

From the HartLand with Love,

Monica, Brittany & Cheyenne

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