How to Create a Designer Christmas Tree

flocked Christmas tree with pink and blue ornaments

Merry Christmas!  

How fast, and at the same time, how painfully slow, this year has been.  Do you remember the days of going to a crowded mall to see Santa and all of the glorious Christmas trees, and wishing you had one that looked as pretty and put together?  Well, you can, and it isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Planning Out Your Designer Christmas Tree

If you’re starting from scratch, pulling together a magazine-worthy Christmas tree can be a daunting task, but you have a blank canvas and the opportunity to plan it out and buy only what you need.  Buyers beware:  Christmas trees and decorations tend to be pretty pricey!

There are so so many different Christmas tree options out there that it would be impossible to cover them all in a single post, so we will start with a cottage-style Christmas tree to get the wheels turning.  The first thing you need to do is decide where your tree will go.  See last year’s post for ideas to help you choose the perfect type of Christmas tree.

OK, so you have just the right tree and you’ve located the perfect spot.  Now what?  How do you get that designer look?  

Steps to Create the Perfect Designer Christmas Tree

  1. Make a plan and a list.  

Take your design cue from the style of your home.

pink and purple Christmas ornaments
  1. Choose your color palette. 

Again, take your cue from the colors in your home.

Monica fluffing the Christmas tree branches
  1. Set up your tree.  

Make sure to fluff the tree, spreading the limbs and bending the branches to cover any holes.

  1. Choose your lights. 

If your tree is pre-lit like ours, fantastic.  You can skip to step three.  If not, purchase your lights.  Don’t skimp on lights!  A good rule of thumb is to have approximately 200 lights per foot.  Our Balsam Hill Christmas tree is pre-lit, frosted, and is absolutely perfect.  Wrap your lights tightly around the inner part of the tree, working your way out, intertwining the lights in and around the branches out to each tip.

  1. Next comes the garland.  

I chose white fur garland for my tree because it looks like snow…soft and and pretty and lush.  Again, don’t skimp on your garland!  I prefer at least 10 feet of garland per foot.  This allows room to wrap the garland loosely or closer together.  Gently drape the garland around the tree starting at the top, working your way down.

  1. Work from the center of the tree out.

Begin in the center of the tree, adding large balls to fill in the gaps. Choose medium-sized balls for the middle of the tree and smaller ones for the tips.

  1. Decorate the entire tree from top to bottom.

Be sure to cover all sides of the tree.

  1. Do not be afraid to add picks.

Choose a couple of different style picks, spacing them throughout your tree.   Put these on after the your ornaments.  I have 75 sparkly pale aqua picks throughout my tree, along with a couple dozen white poinsettia picks.

  1. Add some beautiful unique ornaments in addition to your Christmas balls.  

We have a variety of ornaments from reindeer to teardrops to ice skates.  The possibilities are endless.

Christmas Tree with flowers
  1.  For a romantic cottage look, add some flowers.

This year I added soft lavender roses from Hobby Lobby.  I simply bought several faux rose bushes, clipped off each rose, leaving a 6-inch stem, and then sprayed with Santa Snow.  Spray snow really softens the look and makes florals look more realistic.

lavender roses and owl Christmas Tree picks
  1. Add some Pinecones.  

Fake or real, spray them with spray snow!  It’s addictive.

  1. Choose your tree skirt.

I adore my tree skirt, which is a white faux fur that matches my fur garland.  It’s so pretty!  Select a tree skirt that coordinates with some element on your tree, whether it’s garland, colored balls, or your tree topper.  Repeat your colors several times for cohesiveness.

  1.  Don’t forget the tree topper!  

I chose a hand-made lacey white angel from Etsy.  She looks just lovely looking down over the room.

angel tree topper

Happy Decorating

There are so many ways to make your Christmas tree look like it belongs in a magazine.  With an array of themes, colors, materials to choose from, the sky’s the limit.  We hope you found our tips helpful.  Happy decorating!

Until next time…

From the HeartLand with Love,

Monica, Cheyenne & Brittany

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