How To Plan the Perfect Picnic Party

Hi, Brittany here! If you saw on our instagram, I recently threw a bridal shower for my sister, Katelyn, who is getting married this August 2021. Unfortunately, she is a “covid bride” and was supposed to get married in June of 2020. Me, being the maid of honor and sister, wanted to make sure Katelyn had the best bridal shower due to all of her wedding activities already being postponed once. I decided to plan a picnic party and bridal shower for her and the guests to enjoy! Below is a list of what you need and some helpful tips on how to plan the perfect picnic party. 

What You Need to Throw a Picnic Party

Color Scheme

Pick your color scheme for your picnic party. The colors for the bridal shower were black and gold. Having the color scheme before you start shopping is a good way to plan/look for decor and accessories. 

Outdoor Rug(s) or Quilted Blanket(s)

You obviously need something to sit on when you’re eating at your picnic. For Katelyn’s picnic party I got a black and white patterned oriental outdoor rug. I purchased the rug on Amazon for a cheap price, overall I was impressed with the quality. Another option you have is to just get a bunch of quilted blankets or throw blankets you have laying around your house.

Pillows or Cushions (Optional) 

For me personally, I liked having the pillows to sit on because we were on the ground. The pillows/cushions just added some extra comfort to your picnic party. I got a pack of 2 throw pillows from Walmart for just over 10 dollars!

wood pallets and pillows for a picnic party

Wooden Pallets

For the picnic table, I got my dad to get some wooden pallets from his work. This worked perfectly because they were FREE. If you don’t have access to any wooden pallets, check on facebook marketplace for some free ones someone might be giving away. Helpful tip: power wash the wooden pallets to give them a fresh look before you use them.

Table Runner

To decorate, I bought a cheap tulle table runner off of Amazon. Amazon has a ton of colors to choose from!

black table runner on pallets

Fake or Real Plants/Flowers

To go on top of the table runner, I got fake eucalyptus plants to run along the table from Amazon. I chose fake eucalyptus so Katelyn could use them again for wedding decor if she wanted. For flowers, we just got empty bottles or vases that we put white roses in from our local Sam’s Club. This added some brightness to the table and tied it all together.


Balloon decor has gotten really creative the past couple of years. For the picnic party, I decided to get a balloon arch made by Over the Top Balloons. To everyone who is in a 50 mile radius from Carlisle, PA, contact Over the Top Balloons. The owners, Mike and Erica truly made my vision come to life for the balloon arch. Mike and Erica also offer wedding balloons, graduation balloons, pre-filled water balloons, balloon garlands, balloon mermaid tails, and a variety of balloon options. The two of them truly made my vision come to life and it was the perfect addition to the party – they even delivered. 

Your Turn!

As you can see, a picnic party isn’t as hard to plan as you think. For most items, you can find them around the house or even on facebook marketplace. My advice to you is to have fun with it. I found pictures on pinterest that I liked and used a bunch of them as inspiration. If you throw your own picnic party, we would love to see it. Tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or comment below. Happy planning!

From the HartLand with love,

Brittany, Cheyenne, and Monica

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