PBteen Hampton Vanity Set Organization

PBteen Hampton Vanity Set Organization

Where do you get ready in the morning?  Perhaps you have a spare bedroom, a large master suite, or even a spacious bathroom?  If you’re fortunate enough to have a little extra space, a vanity with storage towers may be just what you need. 

I absolutely love my Pottery Barn Teen Hampton makeup vanity!  Let me guarantee you one thing, this vanity and tower set is not just for teens.  This makeup vanity storage set is for anyone who has a lot of makeup, hair products, and miscellaneous accessories that need to be organized and kept right at your fingertips.  

Our Favorite Makeup Vanity

The PBteen makeup vanity and storage towers are available for purchase separately.  The vanity comes with a tall attached mirror, and has a single center drawer with wooden dividers.  I keep the plug for my Simple Human lighted makeup mirror tucked inside for easy access, along with assorted hair ties and rubber bands.  While definitely not inexpensive, this set is well worth the splurge if you have the space and the means.  As of this writing, the makeup vanity set with two towers (left and right) retails for $2297.00 on the PBTeen website.  Each tower is $849, and the vanity desk with mirror goes for $599.  

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The Hampton Vanity Towers

Both towers offer the same interior storage options, with opposite opening doors for convenience.  The full-length beveled-edge mirror on the front of each tower allows you to see your outfit from head to toe.

Interior Features

  • Two upper shelves with space below for taller items
  • 6 drawers (3 shallow, 3 deep)
  • Cork board for posting photos or notes
  • Shelf on inside of door
  • 4 hooks on door interior

How I Organize My Makeup and Products in the Hampton Vanity Desk Set

Left Tower:

Upper shelf:  perfumes

Middle shelf:  curling iron in sleeve, hair dryer, roll of paper towels

Tall shelf above drawers:   I have a  turntable (The Container Store) that holds hairspray, mousse, gel and miscellaneous hair products.  The turntable allows me to easily find what I need.  I also keep glass cleaner, lint rollers, lotion, and a box of small garbage bags to the right of the turntable.

1st drawer (shallow):  I have four Linus storage containers (The Container Store) that fit perfectly in the shallow drawers.  I keep hair elastics, hair clips, and bobby pins in these.

2nd drawer (shallow):  I have three Linus storage containers (The Container Store); two are placed horizontally and one is vertical.  I keep more hair bands and a variety of hair clips in two and a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss in the third.

3rd drawer (shallow):  brushes, combs, and hair picks 

4th drawer (deep):  I keep other hair accessories in this drawer.

5th drawer (deep):  Extra curling irons, curling wands, a flat iron, and a hot air brush

6th drawer (deep):  I have three deep Linus bins here to hold scissors, jewelry storage bags, sunglasses cases, and an extension cord.

Door shelf:  Lint brushes fit perfectly.

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Right Tower:

Upper shelf:  Makeup cases, bathroom cups, Q-tips

Middle shelf:  2 deep Linus containers (The Container Store) that hold lipsticks and various products.  

Tall shelf above drawers:   I have two stackable sets of drawers (The Container Store) that hold all of my eyeshadows.  To the right, I have several sets of plastic containers with lids (The Container Store) to hold extra makeup sponges/beauty blenders.  In the front of the stackable drawers, I have two metal containers (The Container Store) for makeup brushes. 

1st drawer (shallow):  I keep notepads, a pen, and miscellaneous items here.

2nd drawer (shallow):  I have a shallow divided container for tweezers, eyebrow scissors, false lashes, lash glue, etc.

3rd drawer (shallow):  I have the same Linus storage containers to hold mascaras and eyebrow pencils.

4th drawer (deep):  I have three Linus bins (The Container Store) to store foundation, blush, and face powders.

5th drawer (deep):  I have the same three Linus bins (The Container Store) as in the 4th drawer.  I keep additional makeup and accessories here.

6th drawer (deep):  I store baby wipes, make-up wipes, and tissues in this drawer.

Door shelf: Vaseline and Aquaphor 

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Added Features to My PBTeen Hampton Vanity and Tower Set

To protect the vanity top, I had a piece of glass cut to fit exactly.  This protects the surface from makeup, spills, hairspray, etc.  For an extra-convenient touch, I had holes drilled into the back panels, and installed an electrical outlet in each tower so I can plug in my makeup mirror, curling iron, and hair dryer.  Everything stores neatly away, with no visible cords, and no need for dangerous extension cords.

If you are in need of storage and organization, I highly recommend the PBTeen Hampton Vanity and Tower set.  What a lifesaver!  I can stay organized, and have all of my beauty essentials right at hand with more than enough storage.  Happy organizing!

From the HartLand with love,

Monica, Cheyenne & Brittany

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