Planning Our Pool House

Planning Our Pool House (1)

Hi friends!  For those of you who have swimming pools, do you currently have, or would you like to have a pool house?  We have had several homes with pools, but none had a separate pool house.  One of our other houses had a powder room right off the entrance to the back yard, which made a pool house unnecessary.  Wet kids and guests weren’t much of an issue since they could practically walk right into the bathroom without going through the house.  Our farmhouse, however, does not have a powder room that is close enough to the back door, so we planned out a pool house when we designed the house and planned out the hardscape.

Pool House Rendering
Pool House Rendering

What is the Purpose of a Pool House 

The main reason we want a pool house is to keep wet people from dripping through the house when they need to use the bathroom.  We were able to build the foundation of the pool house when the foundation of our farmhouse was laid, so the pipes are in, and the hard stuff is already finished.  We also wanted our pool house to have a nice shower where we and our guests can freshen up after a day of swimming.  

What Do You Put in a Pool House?

Our pool house is designed to look like a miniature cottage-style farmhouse, but with cuter details.  The exterior will match the exterior of our Four Gables, complete with the same standing seam silver metal roof and Hardiplank siding.  The pool house will have charming details:  window boxes, a small weathervane, and double french doors with vintage-style screen doors on top.  The entrance will have a sweet little portico with a vaulted ceiling painted the same blue as the porch ceilings in the main house.  We took it a step further and included a tiny kitchenette with open shelving, a two-burner cooktop, microwave, and the icing on the cake…a full-sized Smeg retro-style fridge.  With a small banquette tucked in one corner and a little seating area in the other, guests can also help themselves to a drink or a snack while taking a break from the heat.

Our Pool House Interior Finishes

Choosing the style of the pool house was very simple since we wanted it to be a smaller version of our main farmhouse with a cozy cottage feel.  Simple white shiplap walls and wood-look porcelain tile will keep the interior cool and fresh.  With a footprint of only 12’ x 14’, we packed a lot of function into a small space!  Our custom cabinets and open shelving will be painted the same Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace, and we chose the same Caesarstone countertops in Pure White that we have in the main house.

Where Will the Pool House Be Located?

Our pool house will be situated behind the shallow end of the pool, joined by our herringbone patios.  This is an ideal location to enjoy the view of the pool and the surrounding fields.  Who says the pool house has to be used just for swimming?  We can imagine sitting at the little banquette having a cup of tea on a breezy summer morning.  Just because!

Pool house foundation

Where Are We Now?

At this point in the process, the design is completely finished and materials and windows have been ordered.  Shawn Smith, our builder, should be starting in the next couple of weeks.  We still have to choose light fixtures, a couple of chairs and a small table, and accessories.  Stay tuned to our Instagram so you can help us choose!  We value your opinion and we’re excited for you to follow along.  Until next time…

From the HartLand with Love,

Monica, Cheyenne & Brittany

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