22 Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen for Christmas

Christmas chandelier and dinning room

Do your good intentions ever get away from you?  Do you want to decorate certain areas of your home for Christmas, but end up giving up because you get overwhelmed by too many choices?  Procrastinate no more!  With a little direction, you can turn your home into a cheery Christmas wonderland.

How to Decorate Your Kitchen for Christmas

Let’s start with the kitchen, since the kitchen really is the heart of the home.  Families gather in the kitchen to cook together, eat meals together, and just to sit and have conversation.  Why not start with the heart of the home, and make it even more inviting?

Here are some tried-and-true ways to decorate your kitchen for Christmas

1. Add wreaths to your kitchen windows.  

We used unadorned simple lambs’ ears wreaths from Hobby Lobby and hung them from pretty ribbon.  Hanging is especially easy if you have double-hung windows.  Simply pull down the top window, insert the two ends of your ribbon, and close and lock the window.

2. Use festive hand towels.  

Fold them neatly and lay across the counter, hang from the handle on the oven or dishwasher, or even drape across your farm sink.

3. Decorate with different kinds of candlesticks.  

Is your silver tarnished?  So what?  Don’t bother with polish; the dark patina adds character and charm to your space.  Need to vary the height of your candlesticks because they are all the same size?  No worries.  Simply elevate your candlestick with a bowl turned upside and cover with some greenery or florals. We love using candle sticks in centerpieces. One of our favorites this year is this green and red arrangement by @thecrestwoodhome.

4. Decorate your chandelier.  

We took a jaunt to Hobby Lobby and went to the aisle with vines and garlands and found lovely lambs’ ear garlands.  We simply draped them around our chandelier and laced some lovely decorative beads throughout the greens.

5. Add some Christmas decor to your shelves.  

This is important:  edit what you have.  Put away some of your everyday items, even if it’s difficult to do.  You want to enhance your decor, not look like a hoarder or an extreme knickknack collector.  You can always put your favorite things back after Christmas is over.  Select slim bottle brush trees in whatever color compliments your decor.  We have bottle brush trees in soft shades of pink, white, off-white, soft green, and even lavender.  Choose some sparkly mercury glass trees, or cute flocked reindeer figurines.  The key is to sprinkle these touches around some of your everyday items.  Sometimes more is more, and sometimes less is more.  When it comes to kitchen shelves, we think less is more.

6. Swap out signage for Christmas-themed signs.  

In our kitchen, we took down our favorite pink “kitchen” sign that we had displayed on the ledge of our range hood, in favor of a glittery “believe” sign that we picked up at Michael’s.

Cherry Cheese Cake on a decorative dish

7. Display your Christmas sweets on glass cake stands.

Display Christmas cookies, desserts, pies, cakes, or other yummy treats in glass containers or on cake plates with glass domes.  Your handiwork deserves to take center stage!

8. Add Christmas ornaments in unexpected places.  

We hung some lovely hand-blown glass ornaments from each arm of our chandelier.  You can also tuck a special ornament or two on a shelf or atop a cupboard.

9. Add small trees in odd numbers.  

Vary the height and dot them throughout your kitchen in groups of three or more, depending on the space. Check out the incredible @greenvalleygable for more inspiration.

Christmas trees of varying sizes

10. Add some garland.

Layer flocked garland across the tops of your cupboards, along window sills, or on ledges or shelves.  If you have an outlet nearby, pre-lit garland is even better.

11. Deck the halls, but don’t forget the walls!  

Remove a favorite wall hanging or framed picture in favor of a Christmas photo, wall sign, or wall cling.  Check out Pinterest or Etsy for inspiration.

12. Adorn your chairs or counter stools with pretty ribbon.  

You can hang a small wreath or a sprig of holly for a little more interest.

13. Create a hot cocoa station.  

Transform your coffee bar into a welcoming spot that guests will visit time and again.  Place a collection of Christmas-themed mugs, mini marshmallows, peppermint sticks, hot cocoa mix, mini silver stirring spoons, and other small adornments at your coffee station.  Place miniature Santa figurines, small Christmas balls, and other decor items of your choosing.  Your coffee station will become a welcoming vignette perfect for admiring and serving. We are big fans of @whiteandwoodgrain coffee station! Check out the way she styled her beautiful and festive cocoa stations this year!

14. Add kitchen cupboard Christmas decorations.

Have a beautiful hutch or cupboard? By all means open the doors and create a beautiful winter scene with florals, swags and garlands, and toss in a reindeer or an angel figurine.  If they are covered in glitter, that’s even better.  Remember what we say about glitter…a home without glitter is like a cupcake without frosting!

Christmas Table Scape

15. Decorate your table.  

Showcase beautiful dishes with a festive table setting.  Pull out your favorite tablecloth or runner, and create a stunning centerpiece.  The possibilities are endless.

fairy lights in a kitchen window

16. Don’t forget the lights.  

Adding light not only improves your mood, but also casts a warm glow around the room that looks especially lovely in the evening.  Choose from string lights, candles, tea lights, star lights, and more.  We love the soft glow of white lights, but if you prefer, choose colored lights…whatever makes your heart happy.

Blue Kitchen Aid Toaster

17.  Splurge on a new mixer or toaster in a festive color.  

KitchenAid has mixers in every color of the rainbow.  Do you love traditional Christmas colors?  How about Empire Red or Leaf?  Your new appliance may even inspire a new color palette for your kitchen year-round!  If a new mixer or toaster is simply too expensive for the holidays, check out Etsy for a fun Christmas mixer cover or choose a black and white buffalo check.  If you worried that a mixer cover is too old-fashioned or reminds you of your grandma’s kitchen, that’s quite alright.  Christmas is a time for nostalgia and a return to slower, simpler times. You can always take it off and put it away until next year.

Christmas decor for your range hood

18.  Range hood looking a little lonely?

If you have a wood range hood with a shelf, add a small hoop wreath, a decorated chalkboard, a small cutting board or two with ribbon, or even a galvanized pitcher with flowers or a couple of reindeer figurines. 

19.  Create a winter wonderland with clear glass jars.

Take three glass jars of varying sizes with lids and fill a third of the way with sugar.  Assemble a few small gingerbread houses, nestle in the sugar, and add a cookie Christmas tree or two.  When you’re finished with your tablescape, you can eat it!

20.  Add some felt to the back of an open cupboard for a little holiday color.  

You can adhere the felt with a dot of hot glue or peelable glue dots.  Choose your favorite Christmas color and you’ll have an eye-catching backdrop to display your favorite Christmas collectibles.

Christmas floral arrangement in the kitchen

21.  Make a beautiful Christmas floral.  

For something different, pick a pretty square box and wrap it without the lid.  Fill it with baubles and flowers, and make it really festive.  If you’re short on ideas, don’t forget to check out Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration.

22.  Add a full-size slim Christmas tree to a large kitchen.  

Yes, it’s absolutely grand to have more than one Christmas tree in your home.  You can have as many as you like, anywhere you like, even in the kitchen.  If the thought of that makes you tired, don’t decorate them all.  A pre-lit flocked Christmas tree looks especially lovely all by itself!

Show Us Some Ways you Like to Decorate your Kitchen!

We hope you enjoy decorating your kitchen for Christmas with some of our simple ideas and suggestions.  Choose a color scheme, start small, and have fun.  You can always add more later.  Merry Christmas!

From the HartLand with love,

Monica, Brittany & Cheyenne

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