Weekly Sales Guide From the HartLand Focus: Pets

HartLand Pet Sale Guide

At HartLand, we keep an eye out for all the deals. There are so many great sales out there, it is sometimes hard to keep track of them yourself. With that being said, that is where we come to the rescue! We will keep you updated on all the sales focussing on many items such as clothing, beauty, home decor, and lifestyle! This week, we focus on items for your dog or cat fur-babies! After all, they are part of the family, right?!

HartLand Pets

Before we get into the sales, we thought it would be appropriate to introduce the pets of HartLand! These four little pups were the inspiration for this sales guide. 


Teddy Hart

 Kyle and Cheyenne’s maltipoo. He loves to chase his ball and ring until he can’t anymore! He likes playing more than he likes eating his food.


Callie Hart

Paul and Monica’s maltipoo. Callie is a tiny little pup weighing in at 4-5 pounds. Though she may be tiny, don’t let her fool you, can she hang with the big dogs. 


Opie Hart

Corey and Brittany’s yorkie-bichon. He loves to chase his ball and go fishing on the boat with his Dad (lol Corey). He is definitely a human stuck in a small dog’s body. 


Milly Hart

Corey and Brittany’s “mini” aussiedoodle. Milly was only supposed to be 20 pounds but ended up being 30+ (and still growing). She is the youngest out of the four HartLand pups but the biggest. She loves to give kisses and must have all the attention. 

Shopping Time!

As you can tell, the HartLand pets are very loved and spoiled. Please keep in mind that when your animal is playing with certain toys that they should be monitored. Some toys can be choking hazards or they are not safe for them to consume. Below are some items for you to spoil your dogs and cats!


Kong Classic Dog Toy: This toy is perfect for pups that need to keep busy. Corey and Brittany use this for Milly when she needs to settle down. You can fill it with canned cheese, peanut butter, or shove dog treats in it!

Hartz Chew ‘n Clean Dental Duo Dog Treat: This is a fan favorite at HartLand. Teddy, Callie, Opie, and Milly all love these dental treats. 

Barefoot Dreams Dog Sweater:  All of our pups have this sweater! This sweater is the famous “Barefoot Dreams” material.

Bungee Plush Squeaking Giraffe: This cute little giraffe seems perfect for any pup that does not destroy plush toys. Unfortunately, all of our dogs at HartLand cannot be trusted with any plush toys.


Whole Hearted Protein Treat: According to the reviews, people loved this treat because it was fresh and not a processed food item for their cat!

ALL KIND Wave Cat Scratcher: This is a great item to have if your cat needs something to scratch. Maybe this can help them stop scratching your furniture. 

FISCO Basic Plush Mice Cat Toy: The reviews of this item states that these plush toys are well made and their cat loves them.

Bond & Co. Cat Sweater: Cats can wear sweaters too! This sweater from Petco is so cute. 

Share Your Favorite Sales with From the HartLand

Did you find something amazing? Tag us on Instagram or share it with us in the comments! We’d love to see your pets! 

From the HartLand with love,

Brittany, Cheyenne, and Monica

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